Helps prevent outbreaks

Clinell RediRoom can be deployed inside multi-occupancy bays for contact or droplet isolation of patients.

Deployed in less than 5 minutes

The disposable canopy reduces terminal cleaning, improves patient turnover and reduces staff time spent cleaning.

Doubles as a mobile PPE station

With hands free entry and exit, Clinell RediRoom promotes hand hygiene and PPE compliance at the point of use.

Isolation area

Provides an effective isolation area for contact spread bacteria/ and viruses whilst retaining the flexibility to move it around anywhere.

What is rediroom?

Clinell Rediroom is a temporary, single patient, isolation room transformed from a unique, unfolding PPE cart, fully operational in 5 minutes designed to assist in isolating infectious patients under contact or droplet precautions.

Specifically designed as an alternative to hospitals needing to build permanent, expensive and space-consuming isolation facilities that may only be used occasionally – the Clinell Rediroom enables hospital pathogens and outbreaks to be safely controlled, to reduce the spread of infection.

Evidence suggests converting a multi-occupancy ward into single rooms reduces infection or colonisation rates.

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HEPA filtration

Clinell RediRoom incorporates a HEPA/carbon filter and is specially designed to enable facilities to safely control pathogens and outbreaks, to reduce the spread of infection.


Common contact precaution pathogens include: MRSA, C. difficle, CPE and other MDR Gram-negative organisms.


Common droplet precaution pathogens include: Inflenza, Diptheria, Mumps, Pertussis & Meningococcus.

Travel and Aviation

It is also ideal for high-risk patients being screened whilst awaiting results.

Conforms to guidelines

Conforms with Australasian Health Facility Guidelines & the UK Department of Health (NHS) Guidance on “Infection Control in the Built Environment”.

Fast & efficient isolation

RediRoom is efficiently deployed on demand and fully operational in 5 minutes.


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How to assemble

Flexible patient isolation: allows hospitals to meet demand levels, meet changing clinical and patient priorities.

5 minutes
5 easy steps
1. Position cart and load canopy
2. Raise frame, canopy deploys automatically
3.Extend behind bed and over patient
4. Fix tape to floor and filter unit
5. Fold out curtains and attach to runners
Can be used in:

  • Acute hospitals
  • Community hospitals
  • Emergency hospitals
  • Military hospitals
  • Airports

Hospital ward setting examples

  • Renal dialysis
  • Care of the elderly
  • Admissions wards / clinical assessment units

Application examples:

  • Creating a single occupany bed space in a multioccupany bay
  • Freeing up a single room for use as required
  • Containing patients known to be infected or colonised with a pathogen
  • Improve patient privacy / dignity
  • Pre-emptive isolation of high risk patients

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